How to Listen

There are lots of ways to listen to podcasts.  It’s a matter of choosing the one that suits you.  You can listen to each episode, by going to its page on this website, where there will be a player at the bottom of each page.  Just click ‘play’.  Or, it is more usual to use an app.  Here are some options…

Use your favourite podcast player

Simply chuck the following URL into your podcast player of choice:

Apple (iPhone, iPad etc)

The podcast is available on Apple devices.  Click here (link works if you are using iPad or iPhone etc)


You can find all you need here.

Google podcasts (Andriod phones etc)

Sadly this app isn’t available in the UK yet – but loads of the other apps on this page will work on an Android phone.  Spotify and Stitcher are two of the most popular.


Spotify users can now find the podcast here.


Recommended by a good friend of mine, Castbox is another splendid way to listen. There is an app too, and episodes can be found here.


You can find the podcast on Overcast here. Please note that there is also an app available.


TuneIn is a great way of listening if you have an Amazon Echo/Alexa gadget thingy. Or you can just listen on TuneIn itself (an app is available too) here.

Other methods

New methods of listening are being added all the time. If you have any suggestions or ideas for alternative platforms, please get in touch. Thank you for your help and support.