Episode 19 – Irish Genealogy (Part 3)


Well, it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable mini-series on this, most intriguing of topics: Irish family history research.  But this is the final part of my chat with Valerie Prince on hints, tips and suggestions on how to trace your ancestors from, in and across Ireland.

Huge thanks to Valerie for joining me on these three podcasts, and thank you for your kind messages and tweets.  In this 25(ish) minute chunk, we tackle the following topics:

  • As more and more information becomes available – what have we we seen coming online recently? New – and very different records
  • The value of familysearch and some tips on what you can get from the site
  • Recap on searching irishgenealogy.ie
  • What can you find on rootsireland
  • The Geography of Ireland – and how all the records fits together
  • How are civil records structured
  • Trends in migration and peoples’ movements
  • Chain migration
  • The role of DNA
  • Should I go to Ireland?
  • Social media and groups – where to go
  • Should you use a local researcher? – What can you expect?

Recommended drinks to accompany this episode: A certain famous Irish liqueur wouldn’t go amiss

Recommended biscuits to accompany this episode: Digestives. With the above drink suggestion, it will give the illusion of a cheesecake.

Listen now

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