Episode 21 – Perfect your technique by doing someone else’s tree


In the previous 20 episodes, I’ve tried to cover hints, tips and techniques to help you discover this fabulously addictive hobby of genealogy.

In this latest podcast, I look at how you can refine this knowledge – AND work in a much more methodical and logical fashion – to research someone else’s tree.

Maybe you want to give someone a special gift, or one of your friends has dropped the odd hint about you ‘doing their tree’, but you didn’t know where to start.

This episode looks at ways you can undertake the challenge, based on the skills you’ve picked up along the way, and how you’ll no doubt tackle it in a completely different way to when you first started researching your own ancestry.

Now that you are an accomplished genealogist, you have the luxury of planning your project, setting deadlines and realistic expectations.  If you’re anything like me, when you did your own, you were blundering through the first (and, ironically, most important) stages of this hobby.

This podcast details my personal experiences and advice – but yours may be completely different.  Why not share your thoughts, expertise and advice.  I’d love to include them in a future podcast.

Recommended drinks to accompany this episode: Tea for two.  For you and your chosen recipient.

Recommended biscuits to accompany this episode: Anything that comes in pairs.  Twix, KitKat, you get the idea.  This episode is all about sharing.

Listen now

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