Episode 23 – Telling your Ancestors’ stories

Last time, I looked at how you can preserve your family history research in book form – thanks to listener, Amy, who talked us through how she compiled detailed volumes to be shared with friends and family.

This episode goes a little further, and looks at two different approaches for documenting someone’s life. I’m joined by two more splendid listeners, Marie and Alan, who I hope will inspire you to put pen to paper and document your ancestors’ lives.

Marie Gage, is an author, whose family story began in the UK in the early 1900s before her grandfather emigrated to Canada, creating stories, family folklore and legend that inspired Marie to dig deeper. Coupled with a detailed journal (what we all wouldn’t give for one of those!?), Marie’s account of his life is based on real events, facts, records and evidence – but (and this may initially go against our genealogical instincts) her imagination. The resulting book, ‘A Ring of Promises’ is somewhat fictional account, but also highly plausible, factual and enjoyable.

My second guest, Alan Bergman, is a professional biographer, who specialises in that gold standard of family documentation; the first-hand account of a person’s life. As genealogists, we are regularly reminded of the need to interview living relatives to document their day-to-day lives, to fill in the ‘real’ detail of their existence and to delve further into their knowledge of their ancestry. Alan, who runs Life Stories Preserved, gives hints and tips on doing just that, as well as giving insights into stories he has uncovered, as well as what to expect from services such as his.

Please support my contributors for this episode who have given their time for free to share their wisdom (I do not endorse any product or accept any paid promotions, so am really grateful for their time) by visiting their websites:

About this episode’s guests

Marie’s book ‘A ring of Promises’ is available from Amazon by clicking here or more details are available from www.mariegage.ca

Alan’s company, Life Stories Preserved, provides the full spectrum of professional biographical services and more detail can be found at https://lifestoriespreserved.net/ or you can contact him here.

Thanks to them both for their input, and thanks to YOU for listening, subscribing and for all your nice messages. Remember, you can get in touch here. I’d love to her from you if you have any stories of industrial accidents in your ancestry as described in this month’s episode.

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