Episode 28 – World War 1 Genealogy: Part 1

This month, we don our army gear and dig in to the trenches, as we explore how you can trace your ancestors’ lives (and, sadly all too often, deaths) in World War One.

I’m joined by the incomparable Chris Baker, a military historian and professional genealogist, who has helped countless people trace their forebears’ lives in the Great War.

In this episode, Chris shares his expertise in this fascinating area of genealogy, by discussing the various records, sources and resources that tell the tales of more than a hundred years ago.

We’ll talk about what’s available, where it is, how you can find it – but crucially – what may NOT be available, and how you can get round this tricky situation.

Such is the extent of Chris’ encyclopaedic knowledge on the subject, I’ve had to spread this topic over two episodes, the second of which will be coming soon for your listening pleasure.

Details of Chris’ websites, mentioned in this episode, are below…

The Long Long Trail www.longlongtrail.co.uk (for a comprehensive guide to genealogical sources)

FourteenEighteen Research: www.fourteeneighteen.co.uk (Please note as per April 2021, Chris is on sabbatical)

Huge thanks to Chris to taking the time to join me for this podcast. If you have any stories on how you researched your ancestors in the war, please do get in touch.

Recommended drinks to accompany this episode: A small measure of rum. The Imperial War Museum describes the importance of the soldiers’ rum rations, distributed in jars labelled ‘SRD’ which stood for ‘Supply Reserve Depot’.

Recommended biscuits to accompany this episode: The No. 4 standard biscuit. A 4x4inch square treat, made from wholewheat flour and issued as a ration to soldiers.

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