Episode 4 – Basics: Searching Birth records

One of the genealogist’s best friends: birth records.  Not only because they give detail about that particular person, but also because they provide a whole host of other information – including that most vital of details, the mother’s maiden name.

This episode looks at how you can search civil registration birth records, and use the results to add detail to your family tree. Buying certificates can then add a level of precision to your research, but you can still find out a whole host of data for free just by searching the right sites in the right way.

I look at the main UK Government site for ordering (and searching a large chunk of) birth certificates, the GRO (www.gro.gov.uk) as well as the widely used free site FreeBMD (www.freebmd.org.uk).

(Also mentioned in this episode: www.ukbmd.org.uk/reg for registration district details)

Recommended drinks to accompany this episode: Champagne, to wet the baby’s head

Recommended biscuits to accompany this episode: rusks

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