Episode 5 – Basics: Searching Marriage Records

In this episode: marriage records, price changes at the GRO and Stuart’s story.

Following on from the previous podcast about births, this episode looks at marriage records, how to find them, how to order them – and what to look for if you go on to buy certificates.

Obviously, marriage information is vital to genealogists, but – from personal experience – marriage records seem to take a back seat compared to birth and death records, but they contain SO much detail that they’re worth revisiting again and again.

Also in this episode, I’ll go over the recent price increases at the GRO (still the cheapest way of buying certificates), and tie that into ordering printed marriage certificates which are not yet available as PDFs.

Finally, we’ll hear from fellow genealogist, Stuart, who has traced his family back to a part of the country, which today, is synonymous with big business, hustle & bustle and mass tourism.  Who says genealogy is all about country churches and remote thatched cottages?!

Recommended drinks to accompany this episode: It’s a wedding.  There’s a free bar.

Recommended biscuits to accompany this episode: Fruit shortcake.  A reasonable substitute for wedding cake.

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