Episode 10 – Basics: Cemeteries

Genealogists love a cemetery.  But how do you find the right graveyard for your ancestors, and – when you’re there – how do you find the precise plot where your your relatives are buried?

There may be no headstone – but this shouldn’t stop you from finding those all-important final resting places.  If there is a memorial, it can provide valuable additional information about your family.

In this episode, I look at ways in which you can use online and offline resources to locate the cemetery in question, and I detail ways in which you can (records permitting) find the exact burial location.

Part-recorded in the cemetery where many of my ancestors are buried, this episode also looks explores some of the reasons why you should make visiting graveyards a key part of your family history quest.

Proof that I was actually there, can be found here. along with some of the images that I talk about during this episode.

I hope you enjoy it.

Recommended drinks to accompany this episode: Anything you like – as long as it’s consumed from a flask while sitting on a cemetery bench.

Recommended biscuits to accompany this episode: Angel biscuits.  They’re a real thing!

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