Episode 11 – DNA: Intro (with focus on autosomal)

This – slightly longer than normal – episode, aims to give an introduction to the world of genetic genealogy.  It covers the basics of taking a test, the types of test – and what results they can provide.  It includes the necessary science you need to understand the concept, along with how it fits in with family history research.

This 11th episode in the series explores many aspects of genealogical DNA at a high-level and, because it’s such a wide-ranging concept, I recommend pausing regularly for a nice cup of coffee and a sit down.  DNA can make your head hurt.

It has been designed for anyone who is deciding to take a test, or has done so and wants to understand more about the results both inside and outside your provider’s website.

The aim is to provide a foundation to future episodes where I’ll explore the detail of DNA analysis and the various techniques and websites available to the family history community.

Note of caution: Testing your DNA *may* throw up unexpected, unwanted or unpleasant revelations about your family.  All advice is given in good faith, with no responsibility taken for your interpretation of the outcome, or use of any of the content in this podcast.  That said, it’s fascinating.  Have fun!

Recommended drinks to accompany this episode: Organic coffee.  Coffee to keep you awake.  Organic, because we’re going on a biology lesson.

Recommended biscuits to accompany this episode: Digestives, Nice and Arrowroot.  Serious, worthy, and they spell out DNA.

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