Episode 12 – DNA: Next steps

So you’ve done your DNA test, and listened to the first DNA episode in this podcast series (of course you have!), so… what next?

In this latest episode, I’m joined by Donna Rutherford, whose many presentations at genealogical events have gone down a storm for helping people make sense of this new and emerging branch of genealogy.

We discuss everything from managing your DNA matches, types of tests, tips for making sense of your results, understanding ethnicity estimates – and some tips for taking your quest to the next level. Plus, why you probably don’t need a chromosome browser.

Donna’s Facebook group DNA help for genealogy UK is also a goldmine of friendly help and advice – and well worth joining.

Recommended drinks to accompany this episode: Put some champagne on ice, in the hope that you make a DNA breakthrough

Recommended biscuits to accompany this episode: Hob Nobs – as, in this episode, I’m hob-nobbing with the crème de la crème of genealogical royalty

Listen now

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