Episode 13 – Tracing the places your ancestors called home

So, you’ve trawled the records, located the certificates and built that family tree.  How do you immerse yourself in the lives of your ancestors?

What better way than walking the streets that they walked… finding their houses… or locating where it WOULD have been, if it’s since been demolished?

The places that our ancestors called home will hold a very special place in your family history research, and in this episode, I look at ways you can seek out the exact location of their houses, workplaces and neighbourhoods.

I also discuss ways in which you can actually see what their homes, environment and community would have looked like on old photos, aerial shots, maps and other documentation.  Also, I have suggestions on how you can visualise the impact of their neighbourhood on their everyday lives.

So, join me for a chat about how to put yourself in your ancestors’ shoes, and thanks once again for the kind comments and reaction on email and Twitter.

Recommended drinks to accompany this episode:  Whatever you were given when you went to visit your grandparents.  You’re with family now.  No need for posh china.

Recommended biscuits to accompany this episode: Morning coffee finger biscuits.  Even today, they put me in mind of being in an old house.  Preferably with the tick-tock of a grandfather clock in the background.

Listen now

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