Episode 25 – More on industrial accidents – featuring your stories and tips

Following on from last time, this episode looks at your stories of mining disasters, how you researched them, and how other research can become an interesting spin-off.

We look at the sources and techniques that a number of listeners have used to investigate mining accidents, and then move on to other industrial incidents and ways in which jobs contributed to the lives and deaths of our ancestors.

There are a number of timely reminders of how techniques from previous episodes can be useful when delving deeper into ‘big’ events in your genealogy – and some recommendations of how to spot the stories behind the facts.

Thank you to all the listeners that have sent me stories for inclusion in this episode, and if you have any tales, hints, tips or techniques that are relevant to this – or other episodes – then please do drop me a line.

Recommended drinks to enjoy while listening to this episode: “Boilo” – which apparently, according to the internet is a mulled alcoholic drink popular in the Pennsylvania coal regions. A long way from the UK’s industrial North West discussed in this episode, but… why not?!

Recommended biscuits to enjoy while listening to this episode: Garibaldi biscuits, as their invention date in the 1860s fits right into the middle of many of the stories in this, and the previous, episode.

Listen now

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