Episode 26 – Workhouses: Part 1

I didn’t have to look very far in my family history quest to come across the world of the workhouse – and, from speaking to many fellow genealogists, neither – it seems – have many people!

The stereotypical image of a foreboding building with Oliver Twist overtones may well be the first thing that comes to mind when you stumble across an ancestor in a workhouse – but, how accurate is that preconception?

In this episode (concluding next month), I’m joined by renowned workhouse expert, and the man behind www.workhouses.org.uk, Peter Higginbotham.

Peter’s knowledge has led to his website becoming the one-stop shop for research, when genealogists discover that their forebears spent some time in these sometimes grim, sometimes benign, institutions.

Join me for a podcast-based wander through the world of the workhouse, to get an idea of how your ancestors’ lives – and deaths – would have been affected by this key part of history. We’ll be looking into the records that are available, the stories you can glean, and the insights you can gain.

Recommended drinks to enjoy while listening to this episode: A pint of beer and a pint of tea: the daily ration for women in Brighton workhouse in 1834 according to Peter’s website

Recommended drinks to enjoy while listening to this episode: Oat biscuits – a nod to the stereotypical image of gruel, served in the workhouse

Listen now

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